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Six Tips to the Most Successful Online Sales

Selling products online can be tough for the obvious reasons of ‘reliability’ and ‘quality’, but this definitely should NOT discourage you.

While some may be opposed to this method of making extra cash, there is a huge marketplace for it, and you better believe it that people are interested.

Here are six tips to make the most successful sales:

    1. Products with Purpose

For a product to sell, it has to be something that people need, or at least believe that they need. The product should be able to solve a problem and help people with their everyday routine. For example, a blender to help someone make smoothies every morning before work, or pots to make a fabulous pasta night for the family. Products with purpose will always sell, because even if they are second hand, there are always individuals who will want to buy it used.

                 2. Monitor Trends

When selling an item, look at the trends. Trends come and go and different pieces of clothing go in and out of fashion. People always want to stay on trend and keep their wardrobe up to date, so, when selling clothing, make sure that whatever the item is, it’s relevant to the times. Not only are trends limited to clothing, but also lifestyle. For example, being environmentally friendly is something people are very conscious of nowadays. Instead of using plastic straws, people opt for metal or reusable straws, so by selling those you will be following the trend which will make it easier for your product to sell.

                   3. Accept Feedback

Customer feedback is what allows for sellers to always keep their service up to date. By listening to what consumers have to say about the products you are selling will allow you to keep renovating your selling technique. By using past experiences and learning from them allows for customers to keep coming back and wanting to purchase your products.

                   4. Quality Content

Be sure to capture well-lit, HD photos of your products. Using this method allows for the items to be more visually appealing to the customers. By having good shots of your item, it allows people to see them more clearly and see what the true look of the item they are getting is. Visually appealing photos also allow consumers to click on the photos as well and attract them to purchasing the item itself.

                   5. Reasonable Pricing

It cannot be expressed enough how important it is to pinpoint your pricing when selling online. Make sure the price you set s reasonable and more importantly, comparable to an outside seller. The prices should never match a competitor, but rather, be listed for a little less to attract the consumer. If a product is marked up more than the original price, consumers will look elsewhere to find a reasonable price, so always make sure your prices are sensible.

                   6. Strong Customer Relations

Having strong communication with the customer allows them to be satisfied with the product they are getting. By using the app EZSell, it allows for consumers and sellers to have a direct conversation about the product. EZSell’s chat to buy feature allows for both parties to be satisfied with the products they are selling and buying. When establishing a strong line of communication, it acts as reassurance to the consumer and makes them want to buy the product from you rather than having to look elsewhere.

Keep it reasonable and keep it fair, it’s the only way to succeed in the online marketplace.

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