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Selling Locally, It’s Just That Much Better

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While the obvious benefit of buying locally and second hand is the positive impact on the environment, there are some things that this particular way of shopping offers.

There’s just a different feeling when you buy something from a local neighbor or friend. Instead of the item starting a new journey with somebody else, you get to continue the story.

Reliability in the Product

Think about all the different vintage items you can come across. Maybe it’s a Rolling Stones concert t-shirt from the 70s, or even a film camera. Think about it into perspective, these items would sell for so much more on the internet. When you’re buying in person, you can use live and physical judgement to assess the item, not guess from a computer or phone screen. Red flags are easily detected in person. If the quality is run down, you’ll notice.

No Scams

Internet scams, unfortunately, happen every single day, and are not always avoidable. The minute you type your credit card into an online platform, you are in jeopardy of your information being obtained. Being able to avoid a credit card purchase will always work in your favor.

No Waiting Period

Say goodbye to paying for shipping and waiting for forever. Unlike items you purchased online, there’s no gap between the purchase and the delivery. Who doesn’t love getting new items on the spot? Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for expedited shipping, buy something else with the money you saved.

Negotiating Prices

Forget the outrageous prices of online shopping, work around your budget and meet a comfortable price. Find your favorite items with a unique touch to them. Your seller is much more likely to meet you in the middle because:

  1. They want to get rid of the items
  2. They want to make a profit

A Strong Community

Buying within your community will help establish strong relationships. In addition, this helps bring the community together, and in turn, makes it a strong place and safe place to be.

Local Loves Local

Even if your intercommunal selling is to a local shop, it’s still the same idea. When you take this path, the item is likely to stay in your community, and you make a profit for it!

For all of you who want to get started selling, locally is the best route to take, especially, since it will benefit everyone.

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