Privacy Policy

Updated on  : April-15-2019

Ezsell, LLC., in this policy, informs its users and visitors about personal data collection and associated practices relating to the the website and mobile marketplace service. This policy does not pertain to the data processing or collection by other sites or services linked with our services.

Policy Changes

All our users and website visitors are requested to review this policy consistently and carefully. This policy might be amended from time to time as the features, services, technologies or our business models change. You should read our privacy policy each time you use our service.


Children aged below 18 may not be allowed to use services provided by Ezsell.

Account Data

You actively and voluntarily provide us with your account data when signing up for our service. The account information that you provide us can be updated on the app at any given time. This data includes:

  • Information on contact, like address, name, email, and phone
  • Details on personal information like the tax identification number or date of birth
  • Financial details, like credit card information and/or bank account details

Our team makes use of the email address you provide us to communicate transactions to you. We also use the email address to provide you with other information that we believe you will be interested in. The mailing address provided by you is used for delivery of items purchased through our service.

Information on credit cards or other payment cards is collected for the purpose of payment processing. We use your bank accounts to make deposits for items that you sell using our marketplace service. Social media information provided by you is used for authentication and logins.

As and when required by the law, Ezsell may request you for additional personal data like the tax identification number, social security number or date of birth. You agree to comply with such requests promptly in order to continue using our services effectively. For purposes of fraud prevention, identity verification, or any other purpose necessitated by law. We use such information in combination with other information from you such as the government-issued identity information.

In case you wish to provide us with a new mailing address or email, we will also use it to update your personal/mailing information.

Usage Data

While using Ezsell services, we deliver to you and to other users of the our marketplace service, we deliver to you information about the transactions you make. While delivering such information to you, we receive some pieces of information from your device including the IP address, location, software, device ID, language and service settings, access logs, and locations.

The Ezsell website also uses cookies to implement additional functionalities and help our website users. Usage data is also associated with both your personal account and your device. Our team intermittently processes the usage information to improve, deliver, and optimize our services and to protect our users from attempted misuse and fraud. The processing of such information also helps us determine what features, services or (promotional) information you could or might need.

The information we collect might be channeled to us through your computer browser, mobile or other points of access. This information includes, but is not limited to data including IP address, page data, unique ID or device ID, geolocation information, connection and computer information, page view stats, mobile network info, website traffic, data, URL, web logo data and other related information.

Third Party Sources

Ezsell obtains identity information about you from third party information verification services.

Your usage data might be used in companies with data from companies like Google Analytics to provide you with better user experience. Google Analytics gather pieces of information regarding the use of online resources such as apps and websites (more information on Google Analytics policy, visit        

Cookie Statement

Cookies employed on the Ezsell website are not used to hold personal information about you. Wherever there is need to gather personally identifiable information, we will clearly state the nature of the necessity of the information before requesting it from you.

Most internet browsers let you adjust the preference of cookies and even delete existing cookies. In case you set the browser to reject cookies, certain features or other functional elements may not be represented in their entirety, affecting the quality of your experience on the site.

In certain browsers, you can turn on the “do not track” preference. This will seriously limit the outflow of personal information generated through your online activities over a period of time both on the Ezsell as well as on other third-party websites. Ezsell’s website and other web properties are configured not to respond to the “do not track” browser signals.

Data Access and Retention

You can have access to your personal information every time you log into your account and choose to review your account settings. You may also choose to close your account.

Usage and account data is retained for as long as it is required by applicable law. Personal information may be retained to resolve disputes, complete investigations, collect fees, enforce the Terms of Services User Agreement, or turn to other legal resources as permitted by the law.   

When your Ezsell account is closed, we will deactivate the account within 10 business days. Please note that others that you have contacted personally might retain your messages as well as posts that you had publicly made before the account was closed.

No individual or usage data is disclosed to third parties, except :

  • When you direct us to or consent to sharing your usage data
  • When essential for transactional purposes
  • To process or service a requested product
  • To facilitate operations like risk management, fraud prevention, marketing, bill collection, technology, and customer services by contractual service providers
  • When necessary to address problems between Ezsell users or with third parties
  • With unaffiliated and affiliated US service providers and those abroad instrumental in analysis, delivery, improvement, and management of our services, in adherence to binding agreements of confidentiality
  • Wherever  required by applicable law to protect or assert legal rights
  • To ensure compliance with counter-terrorism financing verifications an  anti-money laundering verifications
  • As necessary to protect Ezsell users and other users and third parties from potential harm, which includes fraud, data security, liability for confidentiality breaches wherein some entity’s physical safety is threatened
  • For the maintenance and servicing of your account
  • Whenever there is an actual or potential sale or reshuffling of the company, its assets, and divisions further subject to compliance with applicable law and the acquirer’s consent to abide by this policy
  • In all other instances required by the applicable law

You are also advised to note that publicly posted content like sales listings is visible to third parties.

4.3 To ensure your safety and security on our platform

  1. Along with your address, some other unique device identifiers are used for protection and administration of the platform. This includes testing, data analysis, troubleshooting, system maintenance, fraud prevention, and hosting and reporting of data.
  2. Communications done through our chat feature are also routinely monitored for the purposes of prevention of fraud and promotion of user safety through blocking messages that could qualify as spam or abusive.

Such information retracted by us, is processed for the adequate contract performance and toward the improvement of our services with the bonafine interest to prevent fraud.

Moreover, we might also assimilate or remove data about visitors on our platforms and deploy the data for purposes like service and product development and improvement.  


We take all steps required to protect information about your account and messages. All required steps are also taken to protect you against loss of data, misuse and impermissible access. However, there are no internet transmissions which can be said to be totally error-free and secure. Particularly, the messages exchanged within the Ezsell app are not encrypted.

It is always the responsibility of the user to control the access of the device. This includes but is not exclusive to the responsibility to keep the login credentials secure and safe, without sharing it with anyone. You must take the initiative to inform Ezsell about any possible breaches or account compromises like login information.        

Choices You Make

At Ezsell, we acknowledge different users prefer different modes of communication. If you do not wish to receive notifications through the Ezsell application, you can turn in the notifications for the app off on your device settings.

In case you want to opt out of the marketing messages sent by us, you can do so by changing the settings of your Ezsell profile account. You may also opt out of our marketing comminiques by following the instructions accentuated within the communication.  

Ezsell never sells (or rents) your personal information to third parties for their marketing. However, we might combine your information from other companies along with your usage data to improvise and personalize your experience on the Ezsell app. You grant Ezsell the exclusive right to use all such information for our  marketing purposes.

Requests, Rights & Questions

Our mobile app and website have help and support centers that might be contacted for any requests or questions. If you wish to send any request or question or wish to enquire about your rights, please mark the subject of the electronic communication as “Privacy Policy”. You are free to request and access information that we have about you and ask us to deket such information as guided by the applicable law.