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From Clutter, To Cash

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The best way to repurpose your home!

Attachment is a very normal thing when it comes to getting rid of our unused household items.

When taking a quick glance, or even reorganizing, it’s very normal to contemplate what is actually not needed.

Here are some tips on separating out what you use and what you don’t:

  1.  Whatever room or closest you’re working with, place all the items in a significant pattern or unique way. By doing this, you’ll be able to pick out what is touched and what is not touched.
  2. Set a specific time frame to run this trial period over. Whether it be six weeks or six months, you’ll be able to determine what you no longer need.
  3. Pay close attention to detail and quality of your items. If the items are noticeably damaged or run down, it’s very likely it’s not worth a sale, but rather a donation.
  4. A great technique for your closet is to turn all your hangers in one direction, and after wearing switch it. If after the given trial period is up, and the hanger has not moved, it’s time to part ways with these items.
  5. Whenever you think you have come to terms with what you’re giving up, sleep on it. The decision does NOT have to be instantaneous or forced, but rather natural. Allow yourself to have the necessary grieving time of parting ways with once sentimental items.

Once you realize what you don’t need anymore, it will be a big sense of relief. You probably were unaware of how much you actually didn’t need it, but when you get rid of old stuff, there becomes room for the new things.

This process should happen every few years, because think about it. The times change, the trends change, and our taste’s change, too. Now you can keep up with the trends even quicker!

Having the ability to quickly sell goods, and essentially swap them out with cash for new goods, is really a great thing.

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