Five Online Shopping Hacks Everyone Should Know

Five Online Shopping Hacks Everyone Should Know

Online shopping has become increasingly convenient over the years and has saved millions of people the time and energy of going to actual stores. As more and more people choose online shopping, there are a few things that everyone should know to ensure the most successful, user-friendly experience.

Here are the five things you should know:

  • Purchase on the Right Day of the Week 

Depending on the item you’re looking to buy, the best deals are typically rolled out on a particular day of the week. It’s almost as if each day of the week was made for a different purchase. Big on electronic purchases? Well, Monday is the day for you. Caught the travel bug and want to get away? Find the best airline deals on Tuesday’s. Shopping for the kiddos or need some extra bling? Wednesday is your day. Shopping for a new outfit to wear on Friday night? Thursday is definitely the time for you. Any extra accessories we missed, well, Friday is the day for you! Saturday is calling all book worms, and beach lovers? Sunday is your day to get the hottest steals on swimwear.  

  • Use Aggregator Sites for Coupons 

Make sure to search through websites like Honey, RetailMeNot, or even Groupon for coupons. There’s always going to be different redemptions available. All you have to do is search the store of your choice in the search bar, and watch promotional codes appear. Sometimes the process might be slower than intended, but if you look, you most definitely will find some kind of deal. Even if it’s to get free shipping, it still makes a difference in the price. 

  • Follow Brands on Social Media 

Today, we see brands utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to release exclusive promotions. Many times, they are even social media exclusives! Pretty cool, right? All that you have to do is follow an account to be entered in specific giveaways. These posts can also lead you to other great steals and deals. You can also follow these platforms to enter contests and win additional items!

  • Reach Out to the Brand Directly for Discounts

It is often overlooked, but a lot of shopping sites have a chat feature, and you can definitely use it to your advantage. People are sitting on the other end, waiting to answer your questions about the brand they represent. If you’re struggling to find coupons, open up the chat window and ask them directly if they have any promotional things they could share with you. Sometimes they have promo codes that aren’t easy to find otherwise.  

  • Read Return Policies Carefully

A stressful return process is one of the main reasons people don’t partake in online shopping. Some stores require you to return a product a few weeks after purchasing, some charge you for shipping for returns, and some require a receipt. Even though a return label is often provided, it can get very tedious and time consuming. We get it, not everyone has time to just up and go to the post office. However, there are ways to avoid this hassle. The best practice is to look at a store’s return policy before you buy anything. If you’re worried about the size or fit, it’s best to not buy final sale items, or those with a strict return policy. If the store has free returns and you’re unsure about which size you might be, buy two sizes of the item and then return what doesn’t fit. 

Don’t let the fear of potential unknowns stop you from online shopping. Embrace the process, it’s fun, and what our society if shifting towards!

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