Five Garage Sale Must-Buys!


Summer is here, and there is no better time to buy second-hand. Your neighborhood is flooding with garage sales; you just have to take the time to find them.

How about, instead of just taking the normal path home, try something new. Take a wrong turn, and let yourself get lost in your town. When doing this, you’ll likely find unique, hidden goods.

Some of the best items are found second-hand, especially with the “vintage touch”. Here are five items you just cannot pass up at this summer’s garage sales!

  1. Vintage Electronics

If your electronics are in tip-top condition, you’re probably in for a big profit. Original Game Boy, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation games are quite the find. The simplicity and authenticity that comes along with these systems brings you back to your childhood. With original packaging and functioning abilities, you definitely found a luxury find.

  2. Playing Cards

Remember Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, or even Yugio Cards? Back in the day, these cards were easily accessible and essentially sold everywhere. They flooded the shelves of Target and other local shopping marts. Having been off the shelves for almost a decade, these cards do have a lot of value, and it’s only increasing. So, acquiring them at a garage sale is perfect!

  3. Tools

As expensive as a new toolbox is, or a brand-new lawnmower, garage sales are as equally inexpensive. So, what if your toolbox is missing one screwdriver? It’s a lot easier and cheaper to have to buy one individual appliance than an entire set.

  4. Furniture

Wood furniture is one of the best steels at your local neighborhood sale. With wood, you can refine it however YOU like. Another benefit is that you can paint over it and redesign it as often as you’d like. While upholstered pieces of furniture run the risk of bugs and dirt, there is no issue here with wood, making it a must-have.

5. Designer Items

Garage sales are the perfect location for finding the perfect designer finds. While nice and refined vintage may be hard to come by, name brand items are not. In addition to the items being cheaper, you also have room to bargain. If the item is placed for sale, the owner wants to get rid of it, so they will work with you and your budget!

The inner roads of your town will always have hidden sales and finds, so give it a shot, you never know what you might come across.

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