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Four Quick Tips to Best Sell Online

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Selling online can often times start really slow. It takes a lot of time and commitment to grow any form of a social media shop.

Shopping online does not always have the best reputation. These purchases often cause a feeling of unease, and individuals long for their products to show up in reasonable time. People are nervous to make purchases when it’s not in person, because the feeling of authenticity if often removed.

Maybe they don’t trust the quality of the item, or, they just simply cannot make a decision through a screen. Whatever apprehension a customer may have, you must learn to be on their page, and work with these nerves.

When you are in charge of the price and overall sale, you have the ability to individually appeal to your consumers. So, first things first:

  • Take Advantage of your Flexibility

When listing, and marketing your product, keep the descriptions accurate and do not fabricate the product. One of the biggest concerns for people while online shopping is the reliability in the product. Be creative with how you can ensure this reliability.  From the get-go, if you start off with a good reputation, it will show in your profit. You must be willing to negotiate. People will always fight to get the best price, and if you’re willing to give it, it likely they will send you more business. With all your flexibility, show that you work to give the best price. Remember, consumers love a vendor who is willing to work with them. Be willing to BE flexible.

  • Always Remain One Step Ahead of Your Competition

Take note of the way other vendors are marketing, and also how they are pricing their items. It’s extremely important to keep your items prices the most favorable, even if it’s $5 less, it will make a difference. Now obviously, if your competition is listing at a lower price, but also providing an item with lower quality, do not feel pressured to lower it. Price and quality must always be relative.

  • Pay Attention to Customer Feedback

From the minute, you launch your items, you must be monitoring consumer feedback. Even if you believe you’re doing a great job, and feel on top of the world, it’s very likely some will not agree. We all will face our fair share of unhappy customers, it’s normal, you can’t please everyone. But, what you can do, is monitor what they are saying. Make note of their comments and concerns, and make changes if it’s possible. Getting feedback will always make you grow, even if it’s not what you imagined it to be. So, instead of taking it personally, make the change and prove that you are not defined by the comment.

  • Create a Sense of Urgency

Much like the real world, the online world. The more we are reminded of something, the more we think about it. One great method is to add “SALE” advertisements to your media platforms. People love the word sale, and saving money. But what’s better then sale? A sale on already discounted items. Even if the sale isn’t huge, or doesn’t apply to all items, the words “SALE” on your platforms will really boost your success. Selling online is a process that entails trial and error, and will be mastered with practice. Stay focus and keep your goals inline. You will master the art of online selling.

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Selling Locally, It’s Just That Much Better

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While the obvious benefit of buying locally and second hand is the positive impact on the environment, there are some things that this particular way of shopping offers.

There’s just a different feeling when you buy something from a local neighbor or friend. Instead of the item starting a new journey with somebody else, you get to continue the story.

Reliability in the Product

Think about all the different vintage items you can come across. Maybe it’s a Rolling Stones concert t-shirt from the 70s, or even a film camera. Think about it into perspective, these items would sell for so much more on the internet. When you’re buying in person, you can use live and physical judgement to assess the item, not guess from a computer or phone screen. Red flags are easily detected in person. If the quality is run down, you’ll notice.

No Scams

Internet scams, unfortunately, happen every single day, and are not always avoidable. The minute you type your credit card into an online platform, you are in jeopardy of your information being obtained. Being able to avoid a credit card purchase will always work in your favor.

No Waiting Period

Say goodbye to paying for shipping and waiting for forever. Unlike items you purchased online, there’s no gap between the purchase and the delivery. Who doesn’t love getting new items on the spot? Instead of paying hundreds of dollars for expedited shipping, buy something else with the money you saved.

Negotiating Prices

Forget the outrageous prices of online shopping, work around your budget and meet a comfortable price. Find your favorite items with a unique touch to them. Your seller is much more likely to meet you in the middle because:

  1. They want to get rid of the items
  2. They want to make a profit

A Strong Community

Buying within your community will help establish strong relationships. In addition, this helps bring the community together, and in turn, makes it a strong place and safe place to be.

Local Loves Local

Even if your intercommunal selling is to a local shop, it’s still the same idea. When you take this path, the item is likely to stay in your community, and you make a profit for it!

For all of you who want to get started selling, locally is the best route to take, especially, since it will benefit everyone.

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Take Out the Trash, It’s Time.

5 items to throw away before the start of Summer!

Summer’s coming and its finally time to feel free again.

Do net let your unused household items to hold you back from making new summer purchases this year.

When our responsibilities consume us, it’s normal for clutter and unnecessary items to build up and take up just too much space.

Some of the items that are likely to take up space are boxes, supermarket bags, and old cleaning and health and beauty supplies.

When it comes to health and beauty supplies, you must pay attention to expiration dates. Especially when it comes to sunscreen.

Expired sunscreen isn’t just consuming space, it is less affective on your skin.

Here are 5 items to get started with on your summer cleanout.

Side note: these items will likely lead you to more items you can get rid of.

  • Cardboard Boxes

While you may believe saving cardboard boxes for a later occasion is a smart idea, it’s just a waste of space. It’s definitely a smart idea to keep a box or two handy, but having boxes stacked like the Tower of Babel is just not needed. Use the Spring time to break these down and clear out room for summer.

  • Expired Sunscreen

Did you know sunscreen has a lifespan of three years?

If your bottle has been chillin’ inside your cabinet for longer than this, it’s time to dispose.

  • Damaged Food Containers

Logically, a damaged food container cannot properly contain your food, so it’s garbage. In the summer time, it’s most important to have containers in good condition. This will help your food stay fresh, and avoid any soiling from the summer heat and humidity. Plastic containers get worn over time, so it is definitely a normal thing if they are worn down.

  • Winter Clothes / Blankets

By default, items for the Winter are thicker, and heavier, to help us fight the cold. When summer comes around, these items are definitely not needed. Whether it’s your sheets or clothes, your Winter items are bulky and taking up too much space.

  • Last Summer’s Treats

A freezer doesn’t preserve things forever, even if you may believe this to be true, it’s not. If your freezer still has popsicles, hotdogs, hamburgers, and other frozen goods, it’s time to dispose. In addition, check your fridge for last summer’s condiments. It’s easy to forget about opened relish and other items, but they are no longer good!

While you may feel hesitant to dispose of these items, it’s truly for the best. Every season you have the opportunity to start fresh, and at the end of the day, will make you feel at ease.

So, what are you waiting for?

What’s on this Summer’s trash list?

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Why Second Hand Shop?

The greatness of used items.

Second hand shopping may not be your preferred method, but have you even given it a try?

Did you know that every year in the United States, 25 billion pounds of clothing ends up in the trash? Instead of tossing your items, think about all the reasons why you can and should repurpose them.

There are some super unique and exciting perks of buying used items that you probably haven’t even realized.

Not all used goods are ‘garbage’, in fact, some of the best items are used or second hand. The best items are usually the ones that are vintage and worn. There’s something about the detailed texture and rips of old clothing that makes it so special.

Usually a second hand, online app, consignment shop, or flea market type of store will carry the best repurposed items.

In addition to vintage items being unique and out of the ordinary, the quality is usually way better, because let’s face it, items are not made the way that they used to be.

When you repurpose items, you get to reinvent them in your own way, and create a new life and story for the objects. If it’s clothing, you get to add your fashion sense and show it off in your own special way.

Vintage items are always one of a kind, so you get to represent the item yourself.

Second hand shopping will also help conserve our planet and its resources. When purchasing this way, you also will help keep the money local, and in your community.

A secret tip for purchasing second hand is to evaluate based on quality. Since most second hand items have already been broken in and worn, you’ll be able to clearly judge the quality of the items.

The items are almost endless, because they get restocked on a daily basis. Even if one day is a miss, just check back the next day.

If you’re a person who enjoys name brand labels, second hand is probably the best option for you. While it’s always hit, or miss, there are so many ‘hit’ opportunities to choose from, so be sure to suit your stylish needs.

Whether you like it or not, second hand shopping is on the rise. Get ahead of the trend and become a pro. You’ll be happy to be a head of the game.