Five Online Shopping Hacks Everyone Should Know

Five Online Shopping Hacks Everyone Should Know

Online shopping has become increasingly convenient over the years and has saved millions of people the time and energy of going to actual stores. As more and more people choose online shopping, there are a few things that everyone should know to ensure the most successful, user-friendly experience.

Here are the five things you should know:

  • Purchase on the Right Day of the Week 

Depending on the item you’re looking to buy, the best deals are typically rolled out on a particular day of the week. It’s almost as if each day of the week was made for a different purchase. Big on electronic purchases? Well, Monday is the day for you. Caught the travel bug and want to get away? Find the best airline deals on Tuesday’s. Shopping for the kiddos or need some extra bling? Wednesday is your day. Shopping for a new outfit to wear on Friday night? Thursday is definitely the time for you. Any extra accessories we missed, well, Friday is the day for you! Saturday is calling all book worms, and beach lovers? Sunday is your day to get the hottest steals on swimwear.  

  • Use Aggregator Sites for Coupons 

Make sure to search through websites like Honey, RetailMeNot, or even Groupon for coupons. There’s always going to be different redemptions available. All you have to do is search the store of your choice in the search bar, and watch promotional codes appear. Sometimes the process might be slower than intended, but if you look, you most definitely will find some kind of deal. Even if it’s to get free shipping, it still makes a difference in the price. 

  • Follow Brands on Social Media 

Today, we see brands utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to release exclusive promotions. Many times, they are even social media exclusives! Pretty cool, right? All that you have to do is follow an account to be entered in specific giveaways. These posts can also lead you to other great steals and deals. You can also follow these platforms to enter contests and win additional items!

  • Reach Out to the Brand Directly for Discounts

It is often overlooked, but a lot of shopping sites have a chat feature, and you can definitely use it to your advantage. People are sitting on the other end, waiting to answer your questions about the brand they represent. If you’re struggling to find coupons, open up the chat window and ask them directly if they have any promotional things they could share with you. Sometimes they have promo codes that aren’t easy to find otherwise.  

  • Read Return Policies Carefully

A stressful return process is one of the main reasons people don’t partake in online shopping. Some stores require you to return a product a few weeks after purchasing, some charge you for shipping for returns, and some require a receipt. Even though a return label is often provided, it can get very tedious and time consuming. We get it, not everyone has time to just up and go to the post office. However, there are ways to avoid this hassle. The best practice is to look at a store’s return policy before you buy anything. If you’re worried about the size or fit, it’s best to not buy final sale items, or those with a strict return policy. If the store has free returns and you’re unsure about which size you might be, buy two sizes of the item and then return what doesn’t fit. 

Don’t let the fear of potential unknowns stop you from online shopping. Embrace the process, it’s fun, and what our society if shifting towards!

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WHY E-COMMERCE? 5 Benefits of the Second-Hand Online Market

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The online industry allows for unique items around the world to be delivered to our doorsteps. With extreme access, today, to the online world, you too, could and should be contributing to this marketplace.

But Here’s Why:

  1.Upfront Payment

Every single item you have, has potential to be profitable online. If you haven’t started selling in the online marketplace, now is definitely the time.

There is no room for late or missed payments when shopping online. When ordering something, the only way for the process to happen is with valid payment, so there is much more comfort and reliability.

2. Always Open 

Forget having to be accountable for an office, and employees, your shop is always open for business, even when you aren’t. Think about it, your customers have work too, right? This makes it easier and more convenient for all parties involved. People can browse your products all day, every day, at their convenience, from wherever they located. People enjoy doing things at their leisure, so this is perfect for them. 

  3. Expand Your Audience

The internet and its capabilities are seemingly endless, and so is your business.  With easy access to consumers around the world, your items can be purchased anywhere. Even if an item seems boring and dull to you, it’s likely that in another region, it’s very unique and out of the ordinary. 

People often times feel limited with who they can reach, but with the endless possibilities the internet offers, there is absolutely no reason to feel limited. In fact, you should feel unlimited, like the possibilities at hand. 

4. Up-to-Date Items

The most beneficial aspect of online shops is that your inventory is always up-to-date. Instead of having to rely on others to produce your products, you choose exactly what is available for purchase. Items will never be “out-of-stock”, and if you have a change of heart and want to keep an item, you can simply take it out of the shop. 

  5. Extra Money

When selling things, the most obvious benefit is making extra money, but just how much extra will it be? Obviously, the amount is undeterminable up front, but however much work you put in, is likely how much you will receive. 

Even if you cannot fully dedicate all your time to the online market place, it’s definitely worth it to get involved. As the years go on, our world just continues to shift to a more digital place, and soon, this might be the only method of buying and selling.


Five Garage Sale Must-Buys!


Summer is here, and there is no better time to buy second-hand. Your neighborhood is flooding with garage sales; you just have to take the time to find them.

How about, instead of just taking the normal path home, try something new. Take a wrong turn, and let yourself get lost in your town. When doing this, you’ll likely find unique, hidden goods.

Some of the best items are found second-hand, especially with the “vintage touch”. Here are five items you just cannot pass up at this summer’s garage sales!

  1. Vintage Electronics

If your electronics are in tip-top condition, you’re probably in for a big profit. Original Game Boy, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation games are quite the find. The simplicity and authenticity that comes along with these systems brings you back to your childhood. With original packaging and functioning abilities, you definitely found a luxury find.

  2. Playing Cards

Remember Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, or even Yugio Cards? Back in the day, these cards were easily accessible and essentially sold everywhere. They flooded the shelves of Target and other local shopping marts. Having been off the shelves for almost a decade, these cards do have a lot of value, and it’s only increasing. So, acquiring them at a garage sale is perfect!

  3. Tools

As expensive as a new toolbox is, or a brand-new lawnmower, garage sales are as equally inexpensive. So, what if your toolbox is missing one screwdriver? It’s a lot easier and cheaper to have to buy one individual appliance than an entire set.

  4. Furniture

Wood furniture is one of the best steels at your local neighborhood sale. With wood, you can refine it however YOU like. Another benefit is that you can paint over it and redesign it as often as you’d like. While upholstered pieces of furniture run the risk of bugs and dirt, there is no issue here with wood, making it a must-have.

5. Designer Items

Garage sales are the perfect location for finding the perfect designer finds. While nice and refined vintage may be hard to come by, name brand items are not. In addition to the items being cheaper, you also have room to bargain. If the item is placed for sale, the owner wants to get rid of it, so they will work with you and your budget!

The inner roads of your town will always have hidden sales and finds, so give it a shot, you never know what you might come across.

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You probably don’t need these items anymore. . .

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Household items to get rid of!

It’s 2019 and it’s very likely you have outgrown many of your current household items, or you just have unnecessary clutter, but either way, you probably need to make a change.

Instead of letting unused items lay around, sell profitable items, donate reusable goods, and if it’s garbage, just place it in the trash!

Sometimes it’s hard to let go, but saying goodbye to the old, opens up room for the new.

Before you can truly get rid of anything, you first need to sort through your stuff and create a ‘donate’, ‘sell’, and ‘trash’, piles.

Are you still saving things you got in middle school or high school? You definitely don’t need those items anymore.

Here are items that you should consider getting rid of:

  1. Fancy Graphing Calculators.

Remember in high school days when each math course, besides Geometry, required overpriced? Well, they still are, and high schoolers are still in need. Parents and students would be overjoyed to purchase one of these calculators second hand, AND, at a better price. Unless your current activities require one of these calculators, it’s time to get rid of it. Think about it, instead of paying close to $120 retail, a parent or student would totally love your second-hand price.

  •  Landline Phones

It’s 2019, everyone you know probably has a cellphone, so why keep something of the sort around? This item should be in your trash pile.  

  • Old Receipts

Every paper receipt is accessible online, so it’s probably time they’ve hit the recycling bin.

  • Clothing

There is no need to hold on to that dress that doesn’t fit anymore just because it reminds you of a great time. If it doesn’t fit, it’s time to move on.

  • Cellphones

There are new generations of phones yearly, so there is definitely no need to keep your old one. It’s really easy to make quick cash on one of these devices, especially if the quality is preserved.

The choice is with you what will be done with the items, but it’s always a good idea to make room for the new.

It’s normal to feel attached to old goods especially if there is sentimental value, but at the end of the day, there will always be new items to fill the void.

Remember, newer goods are updated, fresh, more advanced, and have more to provide, so you should always be willing to give them a try!

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From Clutter, To Cash

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The best way to repurpose your home!

Attachment is a very normal thing when it comes to getting rid of our unused household items.

When taking a quick glance, or even reorganizing, it’s very normal to contemplate what is actually not needed.

Here are some tips on separating out what you use and what you don’t:

  1.  Whatever room or closest you’re working with, place all the items in a significant pattern or unique way. By doing this, you’ll be able to pick out what is touched and what is not touched.
  2. Set a specific time frame to run this trial period over. Whether it be six weeks or six months, you’ll be able to determine what you no longer need.
  3. Pay close attention to detail and quality of your items. If the items are noticeably damaged or run down, it’s very likely it’s not worth a sale, but rather a donation.
  4. A great technique for your closet is to turn all your hangers in one direction, and after wearing switch it. If after the given trial period is up, and the hanger has not moved, it’s time to part ways with these items.
  5. Whenever you think you have come to terms with what you’re giving up, sleep on it. The decision does NOT have to be instantaneous or forced, but rather natural. Allow yourself to have the necessary grieving time of parting ways with once sentimental items.

Once you realize what you don’t need anymore, it will be a big sense of relief. You probably were unaware of how much you actually didn’t need it, but when you get rid of old stuff, there becomes room for the new things.

This process should happen every few years, because think about it. The times change, the trends change, and our taste’s change, too. Now you can keep up with the trends even quicker!

Having the ability to quickly sell goods, and essentially swap them out with cash for new goods, is really a great thing.