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You probably don’t need these items anymore. . .

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Household items to get rid of!

It’s 2019 and it’s very likely you have outgrown many of your current household items, or you just have unnecessary clutter, but either way, you probably need to make a change.

Instead of letting unused items lay around, sell profitable items, donate reusable goods, and if it’s garbage, just place it in the trash!

Sometimes it’s hard to let go, but saying goodbye to the old, opens up room for the new.

Before you can truly get rid of anything, you first need to sort through your stuff and create a ‘donate’, ‘sell’, and ‘trash’, piles.

Are you still saving things you got in middle school or high school? You definitely don’t need those items anymore.

Here are items that you should consider getting rid of:

  1. Fancy Graphing Calculators.

Remember in high school days when each math course, besides Geometry, required overpriced? Well, they still are, and high schoolers are still in need. Parents and students would be overjoyed to purchase one of these calculators second hand, AND, at a better price. Unless your current activities require one of these calculators, it’s time to get rid of it. Think about it, instead of paying close to $120 retail, a parent or student would totally love your second-hand price.

  •  Landline Phones

It’s 2019, everyone you know probably has a cellphone, so why keep something of the sort around? This item should be in your trash pile.  

  • Old Receipts

Every paper receipt is accessible online, so it’s probably time they’ve hit the recycling bin.

  • Clothing

There is no need to hold on to that dress that doesn’t fit anymore just because it reminds you of a great time. If it doesn’t fit, it’s time to move on.

  • Cellphones

There are new generations of phones yearly, so there is definitely no need to keep your old one. It’s really easy to make quick cash on one of these devices, especially if the quality is preserved.

The choice is with you what will be done with the items, but it’s always a good idea to make room for the new.

It’s normal to feel attached to old goods especially if there is sentimental value, but at the end of the day, there will always be new items to fill the void.

Remember, newer goods are updated, fresh, more advanced, and have more to provide, so you should always be willing to give them a try!

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Why Second Hand Shop?

The greatness of used items.

Second hand shopping may not be your preferred method, but have you even given it a try?

Did you know that every year in the United States, 25 billion pounds of clothing ends up in the trash? Instead of tossing your items, think about all the reasons why you can and should repurpose them.

There are some super unique and exciting perks of buying used items that you probably haven’t even realized.

Not all used goods are ‘garbage’, in fact, some of the best items are used or second hand. The best items are usually the ones that are vintage and worn. There’s something about the detailed texture and rips of old clothing that makes it so special.

Usually a second hand, online app, consignment shop, or flea market type of store will carry the best repurposed items.

In addition to vintage items being unique and out of the ordinary, the quality is usually way better, because let’s face it, items are not made the way that they used to be.

When you repurpose items, you get to reinvent them in your own way, and create a new life and story for the objects. If it’s clothing, you get to add your fashion sense and show it off in your own special way.

Vintage items are always one of a kind, so you get to represent the item yourself.

Second hand shopping will also help conserve our planet and its resources. When purchasing this way, you also will help keep the money local, and in your community.

A secret tip for purchasing second hand is to evaluate based on quality. Since most second hand items have already been broken in and worn, you’ll be able to clearly judge the quality of the items.

The items are almost endless, because they get restocked on a daily basis. Even if one day is a miss, just check back the next day.

If you’re a person who enjoys name brand labels, second hand is probably the best option for you. While it’s always hit, or miss, there are so many ‘hit’ opportunities to choose from, so be sure to suit your stylish needs.

Whether you like it or not, second hand shopping is on the rise. Get ahead of the trend and become a pro. You’ll be happy to be a head of the game.

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From Clutter, To Cash

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The best way to repurpose your home!

Attachment is a very normal thing when it comes to getting rid of our unused household items.

When taking a quick glance, or even reorganizing, it’s very normal to contemplate what is actually not needed.

Here are some tips on separating out what you use and what you don’t:

  1.  Whatever room or closest you’re working with, place all the items in a significant pattern or unique way. By doing this, you’ll be able to pick out what is touched and what is not touched.
  2. Set a specific time frame to run this trial period over. Whether it be six weeks or six months, you’ll be able to determine what you no longer need.
  3. Pay close attention to detail and quality of your items. If the items are noticeably damaged or run down, it’s very likely it’s not worth a sale, but rather a donation.
  4. A great technique for your closet is to turn all your hangers in one direction, and after wearing switch it. If after the given trial period is up, and the hanger has not moved, it’s time to part ways with these items.
  5. Whenever you think you have come to terms with what you’re giving up, sleep on it. The decision does NOT have to be instantaneous or forced, but rather natural. Allow yourself to have the necessary grieving time of parting ways with once sentimental items.

Once you realize what you don’t need anymore, it will be a big sense of relief. You probably were unaware of how much you actually didn’t need it, but when you get rid of old stuff, there becomes room for the new things.

This process should happen every few years, because think about it. The times change, the trends change, and our taste’s change, too. Now you can keep up with the trends even quicker!

Having the ability to quickly sell goods, and essentially swap them out with cash for new goods, is really a great thing.

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A Successful Garage Sale

EZSell Garage sell

How to ensure your garage sale is not a flop!

What better way to turn your unwanted items into instant cash then a garage sale?

There is no better feeling then turning your trash into treasure, while also making someone else happy. It’s likely that you’ll be getting rid of you had NO idea that you owned.

  1. Set a Realistic Date

Before any planning begins, make sure you pick out a few tentative realistic dates. Your best bet is to pick a day where you’ll have the best shot a nice weather, preferably in the Fall or Spring. If the weather is too warm, no one will show, and if it’s too cold, it’ll be the same. After you weigh your options, choose the best date, and make sure you have a backup for potential rain!

2. Choose Which Items to Sell

When picking out the items you want to get rid of, make sure you properly asses them. There is no sense in marketing items that are in poor condition, or look like they are really warn down. Be realistic. If you were attending a garage sale and you came across a particular item, would you buy it, and how much would you actually pay? Whatever your comfortable price is, is probably accurate.

Use your item gathering time as a time to also declutter. If you don’t want it and it’s not in decent condition, again, go with your gut.  

3. Get Your Credentials!

Many towns and cities are requiring permits to have a garage sale, so do your research. It is most definitely not worth the potential fines and inability to sell your items.

4. Advertise

When having a garage sale, it’s extremely important to advertise your event. Nowadays, you have the ability to market through social media and platforms, so take advantage of your platforms. EZSell is a great place to market.

The new garage sale feature allows you to advertise for free to those in your neighborhood. Make the money you deserve. It would also benefit you to check out other local garage sales. See what people are buying and what the demand is.

Categorize your items by genre, and again by condition. It’s the best way to stay organized and keep track of all your items.

With summer right around the corner, the window of opportunity to have a successful sale is going to close pretty soon. So, if you’re considering a rejuvenating sale, it’s time to start now!


Out With The Old, In With The New


Have you ever opened up your closet and just wonder, “why do I have so much stuff?”

At some point, we’ve all been there, and it’s pretty common. When life gets busy, it’s easy to forget about items that we once paid attention to, so it gets cluttered.

Just because items are now useless to you, doesn’t mean that they can’t be useFUL for someone else. Instead of sitting on items that you don’t need, turn them into a profit.

Selling used products online is a very common thing to do, and an easy way to generate some extra cash, especially if the items are just occupying extra space.

It’s almost summer, the trends are changing, and you want to shop, so why not get rid of what you DON’T need first?  

If you cash out on the old, you can cash in for the new. Now if that doesn’t that sound like a win-win solution, I don’t know what does.

It’s good for the soul to keep a clutter-free life. When you remove the extra junk, there is an inner feeling of ease and serenity. When you throw out junk externally, you’re in-turn, decluttering your inner mind.

The best thing to do is to first assess all your items, then proceed to determine whether or not you use them frequently. You’ll be shocked to realize how much you actually just don’t use.

These assessments should happen a few times a year. If done consistently enough, you’ll find that the unused pile will shrink more and more each time.

When we have a free and clear space, we have the ability to succeed however we choose, because a well-kept environment helps maintain a life of good habits.

It’s proven that a messy environment will also affect your productivity. If the space around you gives of a ‘lazy’ vibe, you too, will feel lazy.

Start these good habits now, and stick to them. Keep up the good habits of getting rid of your extra clutter, because cashing out is always a great option!