Second-hand items are on the rise

If something is in like-new condition, why on earth would you spend the full price? There’s a lot of room for growing profit in buying and selling these unique items.

Acquiring items at a low price and selling them online at an increased price is a great way to make this extra profit. Yard sales, thrift stores, and even the clearance section offer many great finds, but exactly which items will make you the most profit? 

  • Books 

Books are a great place to start selling for people looking to minimize risk. First-edition and vintage books are usually the best way to make the most money, but box sets of popular books are also a great way to go. Usually, buyers are looking to build their libraries, so finding a box set of a popular series like “The Chronicles of Narnia” or “Harry Potter” is a great steal. Finding 1st editions of these books would also give you an advantage. As crazy as it sounds, a first edition Harry Potter book can sell for close to $5,000!

  • Brand-Name Clothing

For this you have to be willing to really search through the racks of a thrift store, but once you find a brand-name piece of clothing, you can easily sell the item for a profit. Designer and vintage items usually make the most profit because buyers can get great clothes without the huge price tag. Vintage items are also a hit because the trends are constantly recycling. Even if you score an item that isn’t the trendiest now, it’s worth it to buy. Trends are always making their way back!

  • Vintage Electronics and Video Games 

Oftentimes people will try to sell their old electronics assuming they are obsolete and hold no value, but many things can easily be flipped for a profit. Record players, VCRs, and Walkman’s are popular second-hand items that you can sometimes find at yard sales. Vintage video games are also great to sell for a profit, but it’s important to do your research to find popular games that people would still be interested in playing. Some of these include different variations of Mario Kart games. Nintendo-64s are played in households daily. These vintage games allow for adults to circle back to their childhood memories.    

  • Vintage Board Games and Toys

Board games and action figures area always a steal. You’ll often see old board games and toys at yard sales, and these are great to resell if they’re in good condition. First edition items can sell at a high price, especially popular franchises like Star Wars or games like Monopoly. 20th century GI Joe action figures are also a hot commodity. What was once the world’s most successful toy, young children today are still chasing after.     

  • Kitchen Items 

Lots of people look to buy baking items like a brownie or cupcake tray, but many kitchen items in good condition are great to sell for a profit. You are more likely to make the most off of items sold in sets, like glassware or pots and pans. Young couples or college students who are in their first apartment are longing for these items. There’s not a need for new items when there is a greater chance the items will get ruined. 

If you haven’t already, it’s time to start your online presence. There is so much room for growth and opportunity that you shouldn’t miss out on. Trends are never permanent, but they will always resurface. What was once the top will fade, and the cycle will go on. So don’t miss out on the opportunity.

EZSell Garage Sale

WHY: Garage Sales?

EZSell Garage Sale

You better believe it, but garage sales and other forms of outdoor selling are not going out of style.

Garage sales are an opportunity to understand some of life’s most basic skills. The first one being setting goals. Before gathering any items to place on sale, think about the needs and demands of your buyers. The main consumers will be neighbors and local members of the town. You know your neighbors, so think about what they might need. You also know the current demands because you live in this area. That’s one great advantage of selling in your own community. There’s room to meet the needs of yourself and others.

The next key thing is planning. Any successful sale will require lots of thought and preparation. You can’t just grab any items and have a free-for-all. That won’t benefit anyone. If you start randomly selecting items to sell, you will end up selling items you still want. The best way to pick out the best items to sell, is to carefully check each room individually.

When sorting out your items, keeping three piles would be really helpful! A pile for keeps, maybes, and flat right no’s. But the key to this is sitting on the piles for a night or two. Before getting rid of any items, you should be absolutely certain of what you want to eliminate.

After you’ve secured the items to sell, and items to keep, you’re ready to start with preparation and presentation. When selecting a date, be sure to select two, or maybe even three. Every season poses weather delays, so you should always be sure to account for those. But if you’re looking for the best time, fall and spring are great options. The better the weather, the more business you’ll get!

Also, be sure the check the regulations of your area. It’s likely you can have a garage sale, but every state, every city, and every town is different. Just take the necessary measures to insure it’s permitted.   

Once you lock in the dates, and figure out permits, start advertising and making them known. Post flyers and reach out do different local groups letting them know of the date. You can’t have any success without people buying your items.

Next, thing long and hard about your presentation. Are you going to be completely outside? How will you divide the different items? Who is going to manage the different areas? Your items will need to be strategically placed, clothing, house hold items, and other miscellaneous things. People love to shop when things are organized. No one likes a chaotic sale.

Five Online Shopping Hacks Everyone Should Know

Five Online Shopping Hacks Everyone Should Know

Online shopping has become increasingly convenient over the years and has saved millions of people the time and energy of going to actual stores. As more and more people choose online shopping, there are a few things that everyone should know to ensure the most successful, user-friendly experience.

Here are the five things you should know:

  • Purchase on the Right Day of the Week 

Depending on the item you’re looking to buy, the best deals are typically rolled out on a particular day of the week. It’s almost as if each day of the week was made for a different purchase. Big on electronic purchases? Well, Monday is the day for you. Caught the travel bug and want to get away? Find the best airline deals on Tuesday’s. Shopping for the kiddos or need some extra bling? Wednesday is your day. Shopping for a new outfit to wear on Friday night? Thursday is definitely the time for you. Any extra accessories we missed, well, Friday is the day for you! Saturday is calling all book worms, and beach lovers? Sunday is your day to get the hottest steals on swimwear.  

  • Use Aggregator Sites for Coupons 

Make sure to search through websites like Honey, RetailMeNot, or even Groupon for coupons. There’s always going to be different redemptions available. All you have to do is search the store of your choice in the search bar, and watch promotional codes appear. Sometimes the process might be slower than intended, but if you look, you most definitely will find some kind of deal. Even if it’s to get free shipping, it still makes a difference in the price. 

  • Follow Brands on Social Media 

Today, we see brands utilizing social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to release exclusive promotions. Many times, they are even social media exclusives! Pretty cool, right? All that you have to do is follow an account to be entered in specific giveaways. These posts can also lead you to other great steals and deals. You can also follow these platforms to enter contests and win additional items!

  • Reach Out to the Brand Directly for Discounts

It is often overlooked, but a lot of shopping sites have a chat feature, and you can definitely use it to your advantage. People are sitting on the other end, waiting to answer your questions about the brand they represent. If you’re struggling to find coupons, open up the chat window and ask them directly if they have any promotional things they could share with you. Sometimes they have promo codes that aren’t easy to find otherwise.  

  • Read Return Policies Carefully

A stressful return process is one of the main reasons people don’t partake in online shopping. Some stores require you to return a product a few weeks after purchasing, some charge you for shipping for returns, and some require a receipt. Even though a return label is often provided, it can get very tedious and time consuming. We get it, not everyone has time to just up and go to the post office. However, there are ways to avoid this hassle. The best practice is to look at a store’s return policy before you buy anything. If you’re worried about the size or fit, it’s best to not buy final sale items, or those with a strict return policy. If the store has free returns and you’re unsure about which size you might be, buy two sizes of the item and then return what doesn’t fit. 

Don’t let the fear of potential unknowns stop you from online shopping. Embrace the process, it’s fun, and what our society if shifting towards!