Sell Easy.
Buy Better.

Meet local buyers and sellers.
Buy what you want, sell what you don’t!

Sell Easy.
Buy Better.

Meet local buyers and sellers.
Buy what you want, sell what you don’t!

Buying And Selling Was Never This Easy

  • Find and buy used stuff for great prices
  • Sell stuff you do not need and make money
  • Track your sales and purchases
  • Sell at garage and moving sales
  • Ship directly or ship with EZSell

Buy What You Want

Ezsell has a unique inventory of products throughout a wide range of categories. Buy used electronics, accessories, home and maintenance essentials, leisure and sporting goods, child products and so much more. Compare products and prices, and select what best suits your needs.

Sell What You Don’t

The easiest three steps to selling the items you no longer need.

Ezsell makes it a simple ‘click and post’ process.


Use your cellphone to take a clear photo of the image against a solid background.


Post the products image with a description of the item and the quality.


Once a price is negotiated, proceed with the purchase via personal or Ezsell shipping.

Sell More at Garage, Moving & Yard Sales

Hosting a yard or moving sale?

Broadcast your event on the Ezsell app and maximize your customers through advertising.

With the Ezsell app, you’ll find customers who are ready to buy. 


Introducing Lend & Borrow

Why buy something when you have the opportunity to borrow for temporary use at affordable hourly or daily rates.


Lend items that are rarely used and make money on  daily or weekly rental periods.


The more stuff you lend, the more you earn.


Source items for temporary usage and return safely to the owner once finished.


Imagine how much you could save if you could eliminate having to buy items for temporary use?


Ezsell does not endorse any individual or sections of buyers and sellers as ‘trusted’. We request you to conduct due diligence on the other party upon meeting and completing transactions. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Yes. If the product you want to buy or sell does not fall under one of the designated categories, you can choose the ‘Other’ category

The shipping cost depends on the seller. They may choose to post their listing as a ‘free shipping’ item. Or, the buyer might have to pay for the shipping additionally.

The buyer and seller can use the in-app chat feature to mutually agree on a rate for lending and borrowing.

The price of products depends on the seller. Buyers have the ability to negotiate the price if the seller is willing. Sellers can also offer discounts.

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